Friday, January 21, 2011

AWWW..thanks Kristin!

So the sweet Kristin (jcmom04) gave me this sweet blog award and totally made my day !!

First I'm to link back to her fabby blog with such a cute title

Now I have to list 8 things about myself

1. I've been blessed with 2 lovely children (and a fantastic husband)

2. I've always crafted. Used to make and sell beaded jewelry in high school, made many of the components for my wedding.

3. I've been stamping for about 2 years now. My girlfreind Suzanne got me into it, and now we inspire/mutually enable each other!

4. I automatically make a card for my mom when we go to joint functions. Cause I know she'll call me the morning of the shower/wedding/birthday party and ask if I have time to make her a card

5. HHMM...I guess I'm not that interesting !!
6. I'm addicted to all things PTI, including the forum
7. I have approx 40 cards in various stages of completion. And many pages of stamped backgrounds! I guess I'm saving them for a rainy day??!!
8. The highlight of my crafting career was meeting Nichole et all at CHA - including some forum freinds. And I think I was kinda flirting with Julie's son, but poor guy was run ragged restocking back and forth so we just wanted to brighten his day!!
OK, so here's the part where I shout out to three other bloggers.
Stephanie Mino is definitely one she is a crafting MACHINE! Her cards are a beaut and she reminds me to finish the inside of my cards!!
Michelle - Derbylea- is another love her CAS and her colouring! Plus I love the clever way she combines her stamp sets
Denise (look at her blog title really quick and tell me what you thought it said) LOVE her cards they always seem to have the perfect finishing touch.
Plus MelissaJ, and all my Post-It sisters.
Thanks so much for the award made my day!!

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