Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm back...sort of

I havent been posting much, for good and bad news. Good news - I"m expecting. Bad new- been sufferng pretty bad from hyperemesis, which is severe "morning" sickness.

So energy for crafting has been at an all time low - shopping for crafting has not though !! The new goodies were just too tempting to ignore so I took my bucket to my craft room and started creating my first things in MONTHS - it felt great ... until the nap I had to take from expending so much energy !

Heres a couple of cards I made for fathers day. First is a really fun discovery I had with my PTI woodgrain inpression plate - it works on CORK !!

I ran it through my big shot, and then because I wanted the grain visible upon potographing, I brushed it with my Cognac pallette pad to bring out the impression a bit more. Kind of draped some EE saddle stitch ribbon across the card, and used and EE cutout and fillable frames #5 dies and sentiment. Used some SUPER old ranger embossing powder, and trust me when I tell you embossing powder can get old. it didn't stick to the versamark very well, but I think the roughened look suits the card so i didn't do over.

Next card is one I made for my hubby - he's a teacher so I thought the ledger paper from Dawn's March color couture download would be great. Super sinple card, 3 stars from star prints, some Dark Chocolate Twill, and stamps from 3 sets make up the sentiment - Trajan Alphabet, Pond Life and Get to the point.

Decided this scholarly card looked great photographed in the clutter on my desk. ENJOY !!