Monday, August 2, 2010

Hey guys, posting some pictures of the yummy goodies and great peeps from the Chicago CHA Supershow !

First up here is the outside of the PTI booth - and it was packed Friday morning !!

A little later on in the day there was a bit more room to move around (hi Jennifer !! She did such a great job! We had a little checkout snafu and Jennifer and Jane fixed it no questions asked....that why I love PTI !!)

Some great picture of the display and projects we see on the blog- so great to see them up close !

This display case was set up to show the DT's fantastic creations with the CHA set....sigh I'm so in love with it. I love there's a rose in it too...LOL !!

Our preliminary haul ! We thought the rolley cart was SUCH a great idea...till we realized how heavy a rolley cart of PTI paper would be !! So we made a quick pit stop back at the hotel to drop off goodies and came back !

The make and take table with Mish and Dawn. They were SSSSOOOO super sweet in person !!

Me doing the pin make and take......

Suzanne doing hers.....isn't she super photogenic ?

And some great pictures of famous faces and friends! Here is Dawn WHAT a sweetie. You can't see it but she was wearing the CUTEST wedge sandals that matched her apron !! LOL stood in them all day too !!

A pic with me and Nichole. What a super nice person...and so approachable !! Me and Suzanne joked that if we owned a successful stamping company there is no way we would be that nice. We'd have an autograph booth somewhere and sit down all day while someone brought us fruit and wine .... But Nichole was so outgoing and approachable, she stayed at the entrance to that booth all day !!

A picture with Nadine (Wahine) she was super sweet !! Meet lots more PTI pals (HI Miss T!!) but Nadine was the only one who reminded me to take a pic !! What a sweetheart she was (and her friend too!)

And just for fun here is a pic of our goodies. Now this is me and Suzanne, as well as a friend from Canada that we shopped for. It was so much fun to see the PTI in one place.....and of course I couldn't resist................................................

AAHHHH bliss !!


  1. Love your pictures - especially that last one! Wish I would have bumped into you there!

  2. Hi Rose! I stamped that sweet rose image this AM and thought of you! :) It was great meeting you!

  3. the last fuuny, I think I would have done the same if i were in your many goodies, so glad that you had a great time at CHA! Thanks for sharing the pics Rose!

  4. LOL! Love the "rolling in the PTI goodies" photo! So glad you had a great time! Thanks for sharing your photos!

  5. What a super fun post! Thanks for sharing your fun pictures!

  6. Great pictures Rose! It was wonderful to meet you in person. Why didn't we get a photo together? I just didn't think of it enough. My friend kept taking all the pictures. Anyhow, I love the last shot of you buried under all the PTI goodies. I felt like that in the booth when I was surrounded with all the products.

  7. The last pic was the best!!! But I hope you did not bend the cardstock! LOL Thanks for sharing your CHA goodness with us.

  8. the last pic is just too it!!

  9. Thanks for sharing all thes fun pics!