Sunday, September 4, 2011

A big change....might you come along ??

OK, so theres a silly story about the name of this blog. I started out in papercrafting by way of invitation making. And actually before that was wedding planning. I still do a bit of that, but the title of this blog (and the little side business) it really WORDY !! I get so tired of explaining it, it doesn't make a lot of sense and doesn't relate back to me. SO, I've decided to move blogs (since I just cant change it) and am hoping you will join me over at Thanks so much to my little group of followers. I will aprreciate you whether you follow the new blog or not, it meant a lot to me !!


  1. Since I am reading your blog from my cell I can't easily pop over to your new one. I am rather inept like that but would you consider putting a direct cluck on link to your new space? I'd love to stop by. All the best with the move. Hugs.

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