Thursday, July 7, 2011

2nd summer card camp + Magic of Oz

OK, so I have a confession to make. I LOVE THE WIZARD OF OZ!! Everything to do with it. Books (and there are a whole lot ) movies, plays (especially wicked) and anything to do with Oz.

So when Graphic 45 came out with their Magic of Oz line....well I was SUPER excited. I don't have the stamps yet, just the PP but Fran at Frantic Stamper is the ABSOLUTE best. Great service, prices, and especially to this Canadian gal great shipping rates !!
Anyways, had a hard time cutting into this paper. Good thing I have a back up pad to hoard I mean use! And the colours co-ordinated with the card camp colours for this week

I made 2 variations of this card..I had this cute little wooden stamp from goodness knows where and of course the saying fit....and I like how Dorothy and the Scarecrow lead your eye to the sentiment.


But a bit out of place - the upper left corner was kinda bare. So I tried this variation. Chipboard accent from same line, and a scrap of blue gingham I distressed up with some tea dye.


So there you have it. PP that happened to match this weeks that a cop out ?? And what will I ever do with these cards....stare at them a lot i guess !!


  1. wow! I was seriously impressed thinking you had colored this... hehe. who cares if it is pp or stamp or pieced?? you went out of your box and saw how this would fit the colors and would you have done it otherwise? probably not. so, great job! :)

  2. This paper is truly an art piece!! I love the one with Wicked as the sentiment!! Just perfect!

  3. I have this collection too...haven't touched it yet, but there was simply NO resisting it! Love that little ribbon accent too.