Monday, November 15, 2010

The great craft room ren-organization

Like my new word ????
So, this post has been exactly 18 months in the making. That's how long ago my husband finished a portion of our unfinished basement for me. It taken me a while to tweak, organize and buy what I needed (and to figure out how to stop outgrowing it !!) But I think I"ve done it.

Long post with many pics....

So the first photo is the view as you walk down into the basement. It was a very awkward little corner that I wanted to take for a few reason. One - so that I didn't take away from the family play space, two so I could be close to the stairs and thus with the open door still feel like I"m a part of the family, and lastly so I could use it as a bargaining tool later on!!

Please keep in mind that my hubby has yet to place the door on the will hide the electrical panel !

This little grouping of drawers is where I do my die cutting, as well as store the things I don't need at hand. Alter ables, tins, Christmas stamps, bags, magazines and such. The top two drawers on the left are for all things Die cutting related, as well as the basket under my big shot. DH built that half wall behind them so I could keep kiddos out, and it has a surprise inside......

Next I have a little pantry in my corner that houses extra paper (unopened packs) my SU stamps, things like Calendar supplies etc.

I have a little Bestscrapbook shelf that I got for my b-day last year (thanks DH!!) that houses all my 12x12 paper and card stock, loose wooden stamps like lockhearts, my Waltzingmouse stamps and some random things.

This pic shows you a bit of the awkward corner. The two ink units are from Bestscrapbookshelf as well, and I highly recommend them for the price - they fit my SU inks and PTI inks with a small insert as well. Now, lets see about the next batch of inks !! My sewing machine - doesn't get used often enough- and an Ikea cupboard underneath it (Alex)

Here is my room head on. My desk is in the middle of a sea of ribbon and punches !! I love displaying my ribbon, I use it more, and I find it inspiring - and decorative! And the rods are just the cheapest and best way to store punches. They are all from IKEA. I have a while Alex drawer on the left hand side of my desk to store everything I need at hand (don't worry I'll show you!!) I think storage at hand is SUPER important to working efficiently. No need to get up, and if everything has a place it should go back there.

The Desktop. Lots of organizational theory going on here.

The Ikea rods of course. My Copics in a MM round organizer. I keep $5 PTI and some misc stamps in a little organizer beside that, and behind that is my little bin of coloured images. Going to have to force myself to "shop" that bin when time is short in the near future!!

I've also got a little shelf thingy on the left that I keep most used things. Stamp scrubber, little CM trimmer, most used (currently) PTI sets. The bottom houses some large punches and my chalks. ATG in it's ever present spot. Scor pal that doesn't leave my trimmer is on the floor. It's a cheap fiskars trimer that's light enough for me to pull out when I need. I have found anything that cuts accurately enough for my tastes - and I don't want to have to get up to cut ALL the time!! TO the right is my clip it up.

Another shot of the right. LOVE that CLip it up. All my pearls and Rhinestones, as well as many embellishments and clear stamps on there. My Clip it up is on a little shelf that houses my envelopes and some misc embellishments. And there is the surprise in my half wall - built in shelves!! Houses all my PTI goodies.

Here is a big obstacle in my room - and why I deserve something nice for picking this space. The big honking column. So I decided to make it work for me. Put up some hooks and found these little containers in the craft section at walmart. House all my PS eyelets, brads and snaps. Scor-tape is on the bottom, along with an MS ruler for use with her rotary cutter. On the other side I permanently house my heat tool and tray. Another look at my half wall of PTI goodies.

The wall of PTI. LOVE IT!!! I store all my PTI stamps and buttons (in nugget tins) on this half wall. It easy to get to - arms reach remember- although the other side of the column is a bit of a stretch so I house my really specific stamps there - teacher, Halloween, Christmas etc. I've got room for a few more releases. Beside and under that is more envelopes.

TO the left of my desk is my filing cabinet. Ran out of hanging folder so I still need to complete it, but it holds all my paper. PTI on top, SU and other on the bottom. All my scrap go back in their respective coloured folder....I LOVE IT. If anything has really changed my space and thse way I craft it has been this little filing cabinet (that my FIL found for me!!)

This little bookshelf above my filing cabinet houses my SU Clearmount stamps, my PTI and 6X6 paper pads, some odds and ends embellishments and paper. And some more ribbon. I LOVE RIBBON !!
On top of my desk is a bin I have of already stamped background paper and miscellanea that I"ve left mid project. Got to use that !

And now for the fun part. WHATS IN YOUR DRAWERS???

First up is acrylic blocks and scissors/cutting tools. I used whatever containers I had on hand as I did not want to go buy anything new !! Glitter I use a lot and some pre-made embellishments.

Next up is adhesives, pens, pencils and sponges.

All my ink spots and misc. Ink fits in this drawer. The drawers are REALLY deep and you can pull them all the way out I love that.

Glitter and various powders (embossing, flock) also my twines and some small punches. Notice how I labelled my glitter ?? A little glue dot on top of each. Yeah - don't try this. Hubby made me take a shower before hugging him.
And lastly some misc liquids (Crystal effects, dove blending solution ) and my PTI felt. Hope you enjoyed my tour of my room as much as I loved doing up this post - which has taken me FOREVER !!!!! Thanks for reading up to here and let me know if you have any specific questions !!


  1. Great post ........ you go girl!!! I cannot wait to have a space large like this!!!

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    Simply Renee (makers of the Clip it Up)

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